Welcome to..Alston Systems Powering Future Network Copper Solutions Optical Solutions Data Center Solutions Power Solutions
Welcome to..Alston Systems Powering Future Network
Alston Systems Inc., is a leading manufacturer of cabling solutions for network infrastructure and industrial applications, data center solutions, power and active solutions.
Copper Solutions
Our state-of-the-art facility has extensive experience in accommodating a broad cross-section of cable assemblies and harnesses for many organisations.
Optical Solutions
Fiber optics is the technology used to transmit information as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic over long distances.
Data Center Solutions
Data center solutions include IT equipment like servers, routers, storage & supporting infrastructure for physical data center like batteries, generators and cabling.
Power Solutions
Power Solutions helps electric-power utilities improve performance and reduce costs by unlocking the value of digital and advanced analytics.



Device Inspection

Our products undergo a series of tests by industry leading testing apparatus such as UX-300 energy X-ray spectrum instrument (RoHS testing instrument), salt-fog cauterization test machine, coat thickness test machine, electronic chromatic machine and marble detection flat- roof machine.