Quality Policy

“No Defect on Products, No Claim from Customers” is the goal we pursue.
Our quality policy conforms to the management systems standard ISO 9001 and to all the national and international standards.

At Alston Systems Inc., quality is the responsibility of everyone. Our commitment is Total Quality Assurance.

Staff groups and manufacturing groups are equally involved in a never-ending process of quality improvement, both in service and products, for greater customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to relentlessly improve quality in measurable ways.

We strive to deliver the products with zero defects. We will not ship any products which fails to meet customer requirements.

We will provide the support, training, development and time to achieve this goal.

We strive to be the preferred supplier of our products and services in our chosen field.
By attaining this goal, we will maintain leadership in our industry, provide superior growth, assure profitability, and assure the future of the company and its employees.