Production Facilities

HP Analyzer

Our R&D and quality control engineers are dedicated to deliver the best quality of products. Using advanced testing equipment like the HP Analyzer, 28 pairs of cable can be tested at a time, making the procedure of Quality Control more efficient and precise.

Planetary Twister

Most data centers today use multi-pair cables. To manufacture diversified products and meet the growing demands of our customers, we have invested in a state of the art Planetary Twister machine that can produce up to 100-pair cables at a time.

Quality Control

To ensure the highest standards of product quality combined with optimal manufacturing capacity, our QA/QC department performs rigorous quality control on all materials, spare parts and throughout the entire production process to ensure the highest quality of every component.

Device Inspection

Our products undergo a series of tests by industry leading testing apparatus such as UX-300 energy X-ray spectrum instrument (RoHS testing instrument), salt-fog cauterization test machine, coat thickness test machine, electronic chromatic machine and marble detection flat- roof machine.

R & D team

This core group is comprised of experienced, specialized and innovative engineers in the fields of Communication, Networking, Power solutions and Active products to serve you from schematics to mass production. This team is constantly focused on developing and improving products that best serve the current and future market demands and specifications.

Skillful staff

All our staff are trained consistently with the latest techniques to upgrade their skill sets. They are empowered with rich craftsmanship, knowledge and a strong sense of quality and self- inspection.